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  • The Ranch Hand Mitten 15'
  • The Ranch Hand Mitten 15'

The Ranch Hand Mitten 15'

This is the comfiest and strongest mitt you'll ever wear.

Made of full cowhide leather which is known for it's strength and durability. The Ranch Hand maintains its integrity and takes the shape of the rider.

We throw in a bonus sachet of Nikwax for waterproofing, and to keep the workman build of these mitts soft.

Don't forget the internal fingers for superb comfort, and the idiot wrist leashes so you can let those guys hang when you're on the chair.

Rigorously tested in all Australian alpine conditions, you know they'll pass the test in all conditions, all over the world!



- Strong Cowhide Outer

- Labor Strength

- Internal Fingers

- 10K Hipora Insert

- Bonus Nikwax Sachet

- Idiot Strings



WARMTH: 8/10

$39.99 USD