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  • The Dank Donuts Ripper Mitt 2k16

The Dank Donuts Ripper Mitt 2k16

We've just invented a simple mitten, that you can rip on and off. Well we didn't invent it, but it's a sick mitt! Perfect for most conditions - you won't be sweating when the sun is out, and your fingers won't go blue when that storm rolls in.

Working along side our good friends Dank Donuts in Big Bear, California - we're bringing you this Limited Edition mitt with the freshest flavor, Baked not Fried!



- Limited Edition Dank Donuts Print!
- Waterproof Outer
- 10K Waterproof Insert
- Super Grip Silicon Palm
- Boogie Wiper Thumb
- Shoe Lace Wrist Straps

WARMTH: 7/10

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