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  • The 'We Takin Naps' Ripper Mitten 15'

The 'We Takin Naps' Ripper Mitten 15'

This one was drawn up for a legendary dude who helped us spread the good word of RAD Gloves in the USA. Thank you Ozzy Henning!

We've just invented a simple mitten, that you can rip on and off. Well we didn't invent it, but it's a sick mitt! Perfect for most conditions - you won't be sweating when the sun is out, and your fingers won't go blue when that storm rolls in.


- Waterproof Outer
- 10K Waterproof Insert
- Super Grip Silicon Palm
- Boogie Wiper Thumb
- Shoe Lace Wrist Straps

WARMTH: 7/10 

$29.99 USD