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  • The Hustler Mitten
  • The Hustler Mitten
  • The Hustler Mitten

The Hustler Mitten

Hopefully you're not out on the street corner hustlin' people for dime, but if you are, these puppies will keep you warm.

Even better, you'll feel like a boss as you cut park laps all day long..̴ Slip them on and off with ease for whatever activities you're in to.
Heavy sheep-skin pile lining will keep you warm, while the waterproof split-leather outer will keep you dry.

Suitable for, but not restricted, to the following activities: Snack-eating, hand-planting, babe-texting, high5ing, method-ripping, bird-flipping, cart-wheeling, bus-catching, pre-drinking, dad-clapping, and so much more!

Get hustlin'.


- Waterproof Split-Leather Outer
- 10K Waterproof Insert
- Heavy Pile Inner Lining
- Shirred Elastic Cuff
- Shoe Lace Wrist Straps
- Thumb/Finger Strengthening Panel


WARMTH: 7/10

$24.99 USD